Chewing gum on a fast day

Can one chew gum on the lower fast days?


My understanding from the the rovs tshuva regarding gum is tht it’s not called eating, as he writes that a he haber isn’t necessary …
If so what is the problem with chewing gum on a fast? If it’s eatibg shouldn’t it require kashrut?

Please clarify what you’re saying. I do not understand what you wrote. Which tshuva are you quoting?

Chewing gum requires a ברכה and it is food and must be kosher. Chewing gum is not respectful because we are not cows and don’t chew our cud. That is something the Rav has said many times but never said that gum is not considered food with regards to ברכה or kashrut.


Why is it different from chewing on a cinnamon stick? Mishne berura mentions that was ok.

Actually the mishna berura says it’s not ok. The Rama says it’s ok but he’s talking about chewing and spitting. Not swallowing the flavor. או"ח תקס"ז

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So, technically you’re right. If you chew the gum and get all the flavor out before the fast starts, you can continue chewing during the fast. I don’t believe any one would disagree with that. But as long as there’s still flavor and /or sugar in the gum, it is prohibited.

The issue where gum is not called eating is probably specifically referring to the gum base that is not rauy le’Achila… because chewing gum is not eating. But the sugar and flavoring is being eaten, and that’s what you are making the Berachah on.

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Thanks for posting the teshuva. You will see that I was right on target. Hope this clears it up for you.