Cigar on Yom Tov


With respect to Ochel Nefesh, would it be permissible for an occasional cigar smoker to smoke on Yom Tov if it adds to oneg Yom Tov? Does second day of Yom Tov make it less severe?

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Smoking cigars or cigarettes on Yom Tov is prohibited for everyone. No difference if the person is an addicted smoker or an occasional smoker.

What would be the issue if it’s lit from an existing fire and not put out when it’s done?

Why would it not be permissible when using an existing flame to light the cigar or cigarette, similar to using a BBQ, or lighting candles at night.

If the answer is that smoking is assur at all times because it is poison, then i understand, just seeking a little clarification.

One may not just light fires from other fires on Yom Tov. You may do so if you need to cook for example. You may not do so if you want to light candles on your dining room table if you have the lights on in the room. This is why one is prohibited from lighting candles on the second night of Yom Tov since there is no need (tzorech) for this light being that the room is already lit up with the electric lighting in the room. The fact that you like to have candles lit on your table while eating dinner is not enough of a tzorech to permit lighting the candle even from another fire.

You are not even permitted to turn up the flame on your stove if you don’t need the flame higher for your cooking. This is very relevant to stovetops that require you to turn the knob to make the flame higher before it goes off. This is not allowed on Yom Tov.

Regarding shuuting flame that you are saying the flame is highered first and therefore would be
הבערה שלא לצורך
Why isn’t that a פסיק רישיה שלא ניחא ליה דרבנן

Its pesik Reisha delo nicha leih deoryasa, not deraban. The hovarah itself is a deoraysa

The havarah is medranonon because of the klal מתוך שהותרה הבערה לצורך אוכל נפש הותרה שלא לצורך

Also see תוספות ביצה דף כג