Cleaning lady/maid on yom tov

What can I ask my cleaning lady/maid do on yom tov? Vacuum? Change linen? Sweep and mop? Fold laundry?
How can I pay her on yom tov?

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She can obviously do anything that you’re allowed to do on Shabbos/Yom Tov. However she can do it however she likes in order to make it easier for her.
Clean the floor can be mopped or vacuumed by her
Cut meat or vegetables can be done with electric slicer by her

She can take the money herself

In our shul, we have been told that you cannot make your servants work either.

You aren’t “making” her do anything.

Just as you can clean your home she can as well. Let’s say for example that you need to wash the dishes which is a permissible act, and you instruct her to do so. She can then, on her own, load your dishwasher and run a load.
The reason is you didn’t “make” her do a non permissible act, she elected to do it to make it easier on herself.

Were is the אדעתיה דנפשיה by mopping .
How would it be possible to wash the floor in a normal way , which is permitted to be able to say
אדעתיה דנפשיה .
By the dishes it is considered normal to wash by hand so I understand your analogy to a dish washer to say אדעתיה דנפשיה.

But how does this work with mopping a floor which is a violation of both סחיטה and כביסה on the mop head

Pour water and use a squeegee. Or spray with windex and wipe…

Hi no one cleans their floor like that

Millions of people across the globe use Swiffer to clean their floors. In Israel I’ve personally seen many clean their floors without a cloth by merely pouring water on the floor and using a squeegee to wipe it down.

Hi thank you for your response
However what about in America if one doesn’t own a squeegee broom how can we say אדעתיה דנפשיה if he dosent even have one?

The floor can be cleaned in a manner that is permissible on Shabbat. Therefore the cleaning lady can clean the floor however she wants.

If someone spills something on the floor we clean it without a mop all the time. People clean floors without mops everyday.

If one does not own a squeegee
What is a NORMAL PERMITTED way to wash the floor windex and paper towels no one does

Im not sure what you are getting at. Its not about what is normal its about what is possible. I dont have to worry about what she may or may not do. All I have to worry about is that she has an opportunity to do it in a permissible way.

Thank you why aren’t you concerned with what the rav mentions in he’s Sefer ohr Yitzchok that paying the gentile would be a issur of schar shabbos

The arrangement would need to be made in a way that is permissible. הבלאה…