Clip on bangs with a scarf

I am sephardic and cover my hair with headscarf, is it permissible to wear clip on bangs with the scarf? They are about 4-5 inches long. My community is mixed so many women wear wigs or scarves (sometimes both) so it wouldn’t be out of place here. I just want to know the halacha. Thank you

Sounds similar to a wig. Wigs are fine.

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It is a wig, I was always under the impression that Sephardim don’t allow wigs as covering but since the main method of covering would be fabric I was wondering if it’s OK in this situation. Also since it’s only a small amount in the front would people think it’s hair?

Wigs are permitted for Sephardim

Is there any length limit to the wig? or any other gdarim?

The Rav in his teshuva (chelek alef-Even haezer #3) goes to great lengths to say that each women has her taste and opinion in what she feels befits her the most. And every women is justified in looking her best as they are all bnot melachim. (True princess’). Therefore length has no bearing here and she may wear as she sees fit. The only limitation is that it should not be “paruah ” loosely translated as wild, not refined, overly loud. (You get the picture I hope)

How much hair does a woman have to cover? All of it, or is it okay to leave a tefach showing?

Yes it all has to be covered and none is allowed to be left showing intentionally. On the other hand if up to a tefach accidentally shows that would not be considered an erva.