Clorox wipes on Shabbat

Can I wipe down counters with Clorox wipes in Shabbat if I make sure to separate them before Shabbat starts?

no problem

Why is it not a vialotion of סחיטה being that it is פסיק רישיה ניחא ליה for the water to go on the surface

Yes I saw the teshuva the Rav psak was only based on the fact that he explicitly writes because the water inside the tissue is not necessary for the cleaning of the child
However by counter tops the person wants the liquid in the wipe to clean the counter

What are you basing your distinction on? When I use a wipe to clean my counter I don’t want the water out of the wipe anymore than cleaning a baby.

The minimal amount of liquid on the wipe surfaces will not do as good of a job if the liquid absorbed in the wipe is not emitted try it out you will see

“Will not…” is pretty strong language. I haven’t spoken to the engineers of specific companies and their thinking behind the exact amount of liquid necessary to clean properly. Based on mine as well as many of the Rabbis Talmidim’s observations, the liquid on top of the wipe is sufficient.

So, would Swiffer Sweeper wet mopping pads be allowed to mop the floor on shabbat and/or chagim?

There are so many types and they are all different. Cant give a blanket ruling for all swiffer products.

This one?

These can be problematic.

Got it. So, then, can I use the “Okay’ed” aforementioned Clorox wipes on Shabbat (pre-cut, obviously) to wipe down the floor. If so, can I attach them to the mop, or by hand?

Thanks! I just need a solution to properly clean the floor. Kids are messy.

Hand is not a problem. Attaching to mop may be an issue, so better to avoid.