Cover on top of Sukkah

If it rains can one roll a cover on top of a Sukkah on Yom Tov or Shabbat?

Can one roll to cover, or uncover when it stops raining?

As long as it already is covering a little, you can roll it out and roll back. The case in the picture is perfect as it is already sitting on the succah roof. If there is water that will come off the cover as you roll it back, it may create other problems such as watering grass, pouring water out of eruv, etc

In regards to Eruv- It’s in a backyard, not a problem.
Its slanted downward (slightly) soo the water (hopefully) rolls down and away from the Sukkah. It wasn’t tested yet as it didn’t rain, thank G-D.

  • Their are plants outside on the side, but if the sheet is being rolled back and their is water, I would assume it would fall into the Sukkah? (Maybe not the very first water( not sure, but wouldn’t that make it a Pseki Reisha? - On the ground of the Sukkah their arent any plants. It’s bricks and sometimes some unwanted weeds.

Soo to clarify its allowed to both roll forward and backwards both on Shabbat and Yom Tov, especially if and when most of the water slided down during the rain?

You would need to make sure no water falls onto grass/dirt that’s not always walked on