Crackers And Liver: Mezonis and Then Shehakol ( with a twist on the She'Hakol)

In a discussion with a friend it was suggested when crackers and liver are going to be eaten together…
but you really dont want to eat liver on its own…

  1. To make a Bracha Mezonis on the cracker
  2. Now the liver needs its own Bracha - She’hakol

It was suggested that it is OK to take some chopped liver, put it on a new cracker and make a She’hakol on the cracker and liver “eaten together” !!

Is that OK to do, or do you actually have to take some liver without a cracker and make a She’Hakol?



Presumably this is a case of ikar and tafal where mezonos is considered the ikkar, so a mezonos would be made on the whole thing, no shehakol at all. I’m interested to see what the Rav’s position is on this

They are both ikkar. One is not tafel to the other. In this case a bracha is required on the cracker and a separate bracha on the liver.

See Mishna Brurah below

Can you say both brachos before you take your first bite? Smear the liver on the cracker, say mezonos, say shehakol, and then take a bite? Since both brachos are on the same bite, would the second one be a hefsek?

Make a mezonot on the cracker and eat it first.