Cruise over Shabbat #2

First, Is it true that my trip must start prior to Tuesday, sundown for a cruise that includes a Shabbat?

Also, assuming no Eiruv at port:

  1. Am I correct that I may go 2,000 Amot from my dwelling (i.e., the ship)?
  2. If so, how much is an Amah (feet/yards/meters)?
  3. Where does the 2,000 Amot begin, from the boat’s exit point or from the far (outermost) edge of the port?
  4. Am I correct that I may not carry anything from the point where I disembark from the ship?

Thank you

Boarding a ship right before Shabbat was an issue in the old days, because then you ended up seasick on Shabbat. Nowadays the ships are made very well and you don’t automatically get seasick. It does happen, but we cannot guess which day it will happen.

2,000 Amot is correct. Since Techum is Derabanan, you can count the measurement of an Amah as 2 feet like the Chazon Ish.
2,000 Amot equals 4,000 feet. That’s the radius from when you leave the ship.

Correct. You cannot carry unless there’s an Eiruv.

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