Dairy utensil and meat liquid

Hi Rabbi,
I had a dairy fork in the sink and accidentally poured hot liquid (meat) on it. How should I kosher it? Thanks !

Needs Hagala

if its not a klei rishon why would it need kashering? just curious

I assumed that when you said you poured “hot liquid (meat) on it” you meant you poured it from a kli rishon. In that case the dairy fork would need hagala.

Yes, I was baking chicken in a tinfoil pan and wanted to pour out the excess water and drippings in the sink and didn’t realize the dairy fork was in the sink. It was hot liquid on a cold fork.

why would the spoon need hagalah but the sink does not require kashering? wouldn’t the taam also have transfered to the sink?

Because you don’t eat from your sink.

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What about countertops? If a piece of hot food falls off a frying pan onto the counter, can you eat that food?

Yes you may eat that food