Can a dishwasher be used for both meat and dairy provided that you use soap? Can it have both meat and dairy dishes in it at the same time?




is there a problem since dishwasher uses very hot water ?

Not a problem in the scenario described above.

Can you explain why? (Thank you)

There are many reasons why its not a problem, all delineated precisely in Rav Abadi’s sefer Ohr Yitzchak.
To list just a few…
The mixture of dirty foods, is by itself a totally unappetising combination and can not be considered that the plate “swallowed” a non kosher combination of milk and meat.
Additionally the milk and meat mix together with soap which renders it inedible and so what the plate “swallowed” is technically not even a food mixture.
And there is plenty more to allow it as a first choice.

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Thank you for explaining.

  1. The same with even non-kosher?

  2. Does a kitchen sink rule the same?

  3. And lastly, will a translated/wiki version of Ohr Yitzchak ever be a thing one day?

  1. Not necessarily. There are some differences between mixing milk and meat (both kosher), and mixing kosher and non-kosher.

  2. You can have one sink with meat and dairy dirty dishes in it.

  3. That would definitely be a great thing.

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Re #1, can dog food bowls with mamashos of canned dog food (containing meat and seafood ingredients, along with lots of other stuff) on them be washed in the dishwasher at home with kosher dishes? If not, is there a problem after the fact?

No problem. Just use soap!