Dishwashing gloves

Do I need separate dishwashing gloves for meat and milk?

No, as i am assuming you will be using soap.

Of course. How does ‘transfer’ work?

Why do we even have separate sinks for meat and milk?

That’s too much to answer in a single post. Do you have a specific question about transferring milk and meat?

You don’t need two sinks.

Wow! In contrast to the blia we traditionally learned, what’s different??

Many things.
Soap makes it pagum, (unfit to eat)
the very nature of the food scraps is thats its pagum to begin with.
The extent of the heat and many many more reasons…

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Hi Rabbi. Does this mean also that ok even in first instance to rinse dishes (meat-utensil, dairy-utensils, and pareve/neutral-utensils) all at same time in same kitchen sink with hot water from kitchen-sink-faucet and status of all those utensils remains same? Thank you Rabbi.


Hi Rabbi. Does this also mean that same metal-kitchen-sink-drain-strainer can be used for meat and for dairy? For example, if hot-chicken-soup is poured down through that strainer (in kitchen-sink-drain) ok to later pour hot-milk down that same strainer (in kitchen-sink-drain)? Thank you Rabbi.

To avoid confusion can you send a picture of the strainer type you’re referring to

Hi Rabbi. This (easily removable) type that sits where water drains down.