Disposing of Shamus

If one want s to dispose of shamus what is required when one buries it.
How deep a hole?
Does the ground have to be above the water table ( in winter)
Do you have to wrap the seforim…and what sort of wrapping is required.
Is there a tefilla or bracha


אור יצחק חלק א יו"ד סימן נה

Can you please translate this?

Loose translation:

Regarding Seforim that are frayed etc surely they need to properly stored.
And the intention of said storage is that the
articles not fall into a manner of disrespect.
Therefore it is proper for them to be buried deep in the ground, as per the usual custom, and to place them as well in a box, or the like, so they don’t become soiled.

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Do photo copies of sefarim need to be put in Shaimos?