Do I need two sets of dishes?

I understand Corelle is considered the same as glass. Can we get by with one set of Corelle dishes for both milk and meat as long as we don’t eat them together?

The Halacha clearly states that even cold foods require different dishes for meat and milk. The same holds true for actual glass dishes. So to answer your question, yes, you would need 2 sets even from Corelle. The only leniency is for drinking glasses. The custom is not to necessitate separate glasses for milk and meat. The rationale here is that meat is never placed in a drinking glass and so it was not included in the decree.


can you use the same glass mugs for hot tea/coffee at both meat and dairy meals?


Hi Rabbi!

Could you clarify a bit further about needing two sets of dishes? If glass/corelle/glazed dishes do not need to be kashered (Laws of Koshering (Hag’alah and Libun)) why wouldn’t we be able to switch off using the same dishes for milk and meat as long as they are clean in between uses? Is there some other reason the Halacha says to have two separate sets of dishes?

I inherited one set of glass dishes used for both milk and meat for Pesach (that’s how I grew up). They haven’t been used since last Pesach. If, indeed, we can’t share the dishes for both meat and dairy, can we at least dedicate the existing glass dishes that were previously used for both to be for one or the other?

Thank you so much!

To answer your question simply put, even in a case where the dishes do NOT absorb flavor from a food (example-glass) they may not be used for meat and milk lest you accidentally use a vessel that will absorb for a mixed use. Therefore the Halacha is, that there is a separate set of dishes for meat and a separate set for meat.

As to your second question, Yes going forward you may in fact delegate them to either meat OR dairy because technically they have not absorbed.