Does seaweed need a hechsher?

Do products like wakame, kombu, nori, etc. need supervision?

The only possible issue might be bugs. Otherwise they’re fine.

Ease clarify what do you mean?
Meaning that if one is to purchase them they can and should check for bugs themselves? Are the ones with Kosher symbol usually checked? ( OU, OK and other recognizable supervision)

I wouldn’t know. Ask the OU OK etc.
I’m not sure if any do contain bugs or not.

I think the issue is crustaceans or tiny shrimp or seahorses getting trapped in the seaweed, rather than bugs. I have no desire to eat such creatures and no idea how to check for them. Maybe the folks at the OU/OK/Star K have figured it out?

never heard of such a thing.

Needs a hechsher. Issue is crustaceans.