Dog Food on Pesah

Must we have kasher lePesah dog food in our homes? I’m guessing so. Can we sell it to a gentile?

Yes dog food can NOT be chametz.

If you have chametz dog food in your home and you don’t want to get rid of it, you may sell it to a gentile.

What is the difference between dog food & fish food because on 2/20/2020, Mbitton wrote:

Because fish food is a Taaruvos (mixture) then it as long as it is not raui lachilias adam (fit for human consumption) then it isn’t an issue. Since fish food is not fit for human consumption, you may have it in your home and use it for Pesach. See OC"H 442:4

You are correct. The fish food that R Bitton is referring to is not fit for human consumption. Whereas the dog food is a human grade food item (meaning fit for human consumption) even though it is highly unlikely that people will, but the key word is they CAN .