Eating Gelato in Italy

is it kosher if i can easily identify ingredients such as milk, sugar , cream, eggs ,fruit?

There is a problem using milk products out of the USA. One needs to find out if Italy has the same laws that milk must be cows milk

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I wrote to the European Union’s equivalent of the FDA. They wrote me back that unless labeled otherwise, all milk is cow’s milk.

Manuela Leutenegger

Aug 18, 2005 at 2:05 AM

Dear Sir

For original Emmentaler Switzerland, only conventional and microbial rennet are used. In former times dried calf’s stomach was used to gain rennet. There might still be cheese manufacturers that use dried calf’s stomach to produce other types of cheese than original Emmentaler Switzerland. For further information about Swiss cheese you may contact Switzerland Cheese Marketing ( /

In Switzerland and countries of the European Union, when “milk” is stated on the package, it is cow’s milk. Other milk needs to be specified.

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Manuela Leutenegger


According to this email the milk in Italy is ok as an ingredient but cheese is not. For cheese to be Kosher it requires Kashrut supervision. Reading ingredients does not help for cheese.

Why does cheese need supervision?


  1. Cheese of a Non-Jew is prohibited.
  2. Cheeses have their own prohibition; not like milk where we suspect there may be a non-kosher ingredient, but rather a “Gezera,” a Rabbinical Decree, that cheese must have supervision during the cheesing process by a religious Jew, even if we are 100% certain that there are no non-kosher ingredients used.
  3. There are some Rabbinical supervision agencies that certify cheeses without direct supervision, possibly due to misunderstanding these laws. It is imperative that we ask the supervising agency if the cheesing process was directly supervised, before eating their cheese.

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I’m sorry if i missed something but if the milk in italy is kosher and the other ingredients are easily identifiable such as sugar, cream, eggs, fruit is it permissable to eat? (no cheese in gelato)

So how does this play out for Gelato in Italy as per the original question, now that we know that Milk in Italy is acceptable.

If it’s a prepackaged manufactured product then it is fine. If it’s in a gelateria, I don’t know.