Electric stove and oven for this 3 day YT

How can I use my electric oven/stove top to cook on this 3 day YT?

You can use a timer and have it go on and off if that works for you

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For the burners? If I leave them on all Shabbat, can I adjust them on yt and turn them
Off and on?

Yes. As needed for the cooking.

Just to clarify, On Yom Tov, not shabbos, I can turn on and off the burners as needed for cooking?

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Does the same apply to lights on Yom Tov?

Lights on Yom Tov should be put on or off beforehand.

Aaron, what is the distinction on YT that allows one to turn on an electric cook top but not a gas flame.

Creating a flame on Yom Tov is not allowed, since you can and should prepare your fires from before Yom Tov. If you did prepare your flame before Yom Tov, but then it burned out or something, it would be ok to relight it in Yom Tov.

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Is this also for an electric oven?

Same same

So does the electric stovetop have to be in before Shabbos in order for me to turn it on and off as needed over yt?


Harav - in middle of chag, our electricity went out and the stove (which we had left on), shut off and remained off when the electricity was restored. is it permitted to turn the oven back on even if that necessitates using the electric keypad? based on what you said here, i reasoned that it should be permitted but not everyone in my family agreed.

You are right.

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I was told by a neighbor who is a Rabbi that I need to have a pan on the burner before raising or lowering the temperature. Do I?


You can lower the flame without having anything on the fire. To raise the flame, it must be to cook the food. If food isn’t getting cooked or doesn’t need to be cooked you can’t raise the flame.

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I have a gas oven with an electric ignite.
If I turn it on before Shabbat, and leave it on through Sat night, then may I turn it on and off as needed over the Chag Sunday and Monday?
For the burners, I plan to just transfer the flame from a Yahrtzeit candle.
Please clarify - thank you

Yes you may. Once once Yom Tov starts, if you want to turn it off because it’s getting the house hot or some other reason, you can do so. Then when you need it again, you can turn it back on.