Ezekiel 4:9 Bread

What’s the beracha on Ezekiel 4:9 bread?


Ehat would be the logic of it being Haadama and not Hamossi?

Have you seen how this bread is made? No flour is used.

A portion of the wheat kernel remains in the sprouted wheat. The bracha should therefore be hamotzei. R Heinemann said it’s hamotzei

Not sure I understand the reasoning you’re presenting. The Halacha states that even if you take whole grains of wheat and roast them you would say Hadamah and not mezonot. If you were to make a mush out of these roasted grains of wheat you would make Hadamah as well.

We see here that having wheat kernels does not necessarily mean we make Hamotzei.

Have you watched how sprouted bread is made?

Also, this site goes by the rulings of Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi. I’m pretty sure just about any ruling a Rav makes will have some others rule differently. One must choose a Rav and follow all their rulings.

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