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I’m new to this forum, so I don’t know if any of these questions have been previously asked. I am a Starbucks store manager in Montreal, Canada. Our location has many Jewish customers that eat/drink only Kosher, as do I. We even offer Chalav Israel milk for those who want. I check for hechshers on all drink ingredients, food items etc. The new Apple Crisp Oatmilk Macchiato contains apple brown sugar syrup as well as spiced apple drizzle. These do not have a kosher certification. Is this just in Canada? Are they Kosher in the US? I would love to try them and recommend them but I’m not sure where they stand with being Kosher.

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The apple brown sugar syrup and the spiced apple drizzle are kosher in the USA and Canada even if you don’t see a certification on the package.

Wow, that’s great to know, but how do you explain that it is?

Great question.

I’ll share with you a screenshot of an email we received from the OU kosher back in 2009 in reference to the Starbucks syrups.

There are many reasons a product can be kosher yet not have a certification on the label. Here is one reason:

Wow, no way.

Good to know. Thanks so much!

@ralph.lasry Not sure how you can confidently advise as to the kashrus of an item when the information you have is 13 years old. Things change. Might want to consider updating your info…

Not sure what you’re talking about. I have the most up to date info directly from Starbucks.

The screenshot of the email is from 2009. Is that the last time you got the update about this (flavored syrups) from Starbucks? I’d love to know, thank you!

The email isn’t to show our latest communications but to show a message from the OU explaining why things can be kosher certified by the OU and yet the food does not have a OU printed on it.

We have the lastest up to date info directly from Starbucks.