Feta Cheese. Are these brands kosher:


Trestella Lactos Free


No good.

Pls explain which are the problematic ingredients

Sure, when determining whether a cheese is kosher it is not enough to know the ingredients are kosher. One must determine whether a Jew actually added the rennet to mix. Even if all ingredients are kosher the cheese would not be kosher if a non-Jew added the rennet.

So all cheeses need a reliable kosher certification.

We don’t agree with the Tablet K policies in terms of cheese certifications and therefore we don’t approve the cheeses above.

Thank you for the clarification.

Just to be clear for others *and myself especially if I;m wrong), you don’t mean traditional rennet, but any additive that speeds up the curdling. Tablet-K doesn’t allow animal rennet and chymosin but does allow microbial enzymes. It’s a question of what was included in gzera of khalav aku"m (or eno yhudi?).


For a more in depth understanding of the issue see Aruch Hashulchan who goes through it.

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