Fleishig Keilim

I only recently found out I was making oesach and therefore purchased only one pot and pan. I will not have time to wait 24 hours between used as all my soups, meats etc will be made and reheated in the same one.

  1. Can I make kitniyos pasta for my 2 year old in the pot, using a mixing spoon that I’m using for everything. Would items in that pot be an issue later, how about the spoon for myself and my husband?
  2. Can I put cheese on the pasta that was cooked in a pot that’s isn’t Ben Yomo?
  3. If I cook parve items that are not kitniyos in the pot can they be eaten with dairy?

If it is necessary I can purchase another pot. I’d rather save the expense as money is currently tight.

Thank you very much


  1. Yes go ahead and make the pasta.The pot and and spoon are fine for future Passover use.

I misread your question.

  1. You are asking if you put pasta in a meat Aino Ben yomo pot then yes even ashkenazim can eat those noodles w dairy.

  2. Therefore I don’t understand how #3 differs from #2. Can you elaborate.

3 is different than 2 only in the reason it’s for adults versus a 2 year old.

Got it,

So there is no difference and permitted for all.