Freeze dryer

I wanted to know what are the kashrut Halacha for a freeze dryer? Is it like an oven? Or do I have to have 2 separate ones for meat and dairy?

Also how would I make it kosher for Passover if even possible?
And with tvila? Do the trays need to be toivled?

The one in the pic is from HarvestRight company.

Thank you!

This requires some research. I never used a freeze dryer.

You would need separate trays for meat and milk.

Koshering for pesach would depend on how hot the inside of a freeze dryer gets.

The trays definitely need tevilah if they are made from a metal or glass other than aluminum. As well as any other part of the machine that touches the actual food.

My question is, how does the rewarming work? The food is rewarmed gradually in order to extract the liquid from the food. How hot does it get?

For the rewarming, are referring to the freeze drying process? Or for rehydrating the food before eating?

For the freeze drying it self, from what I understand it doesn’t use heat but cold. See attached what I could find on information.

For rehydration of the food it’s just some hot water to put the moisture back into the food.

Customizablem 125°F is the default