French Fries and Pasta vending machines and Bishul Akum



Advancements in technology have begun to seriously revolutionize the food industry. We now have vending machines that prepare fresh pizza, french fries, pasta, salad, and many other food products. Many of these machines actually prepare these products from the ingredients and are not just rewarming already bakes or cooks foods.

For example, the Lets Pizza machine prepares fresh pizza in under 3 minutes and when you order a pie from this machine it immediately begins to mix the flour and water to make the dough. There is a pasta machine that does the same. I recently saw a french fries vending machine that throws raw fries into the deep-fryer as soon as you place an order.

Here is a clip of the fresh pizza vending machine

Here’s a company that makes a burger automation machine

Assuming all the ingredients are Kosher and its run by Jewish owners so there is no kashrut issues:

  1. Do these machines have issues with Bishul Akum and Pas Akum if a non Jew places an order for themselves? Would these machines require any koshering due to the absorption of bishul akum?

  2. Can I ask a non Jew to go to the machine and order me some food or is that Pas Akum / Bishul Akum?


Does not seem like an issue. But give us some time to look into.