Frozen fish

Hi am I allowed to buy frozen cod skinless boneless packaged from Cosco thank you

Nope. It’s skinless and packaged at Costco. No good.

Why can we not rely on the labels on the fish packaging in a developt country as the U.S.A. if we can rely on them for other foods to be kosher to eat?

They would definitely take a huge monetary loss if people find out the fish they thought they bought isn’t the same as the fish they bought.

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Firstly, we are talking about a local store packaging fish and labeling it. We can’t rely on local shops labels.

Second, please do a quick google search about fish being mislabeled even in the USA which causes many issues for Kashrut.

I’m not the expert in this area so hopefully, @ytesler can elaborate. He has done a lot of research into fish in America.

What about packaged cod (or any other kosher, but non-salmon) from a plant? As in, packaged at a plant and sold in the freezer section of costco or another store? Thanks

We are currently reviewing the facts and researching some more. We’ll get back as soon as we can with more info. At the moment it would seem to be a problem.

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Packaged kosher fish from a manufacturer/plant may be eaten. Fish without skin that was packaged in Costco may not be eaten.

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Do you have a list of fish species that are considered kosher?

Sorry. At this time we don’t have a list.

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What changed? Is there special regulation for fish that is packaged?

When it comes to foods that contain ingredients, there is more attention paid to the ingredients and from where they are sourced. When it comes to actual fish and fish labeling, there are many issues and therefore it is hard to give a blanket rule for how to go about it.