Fruity pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles

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Kosher for Pesach for Sephardim
I believe it is on the Pesach List

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There are times when I’ve noticed that Google result snippets are incomplete are inaccurate. You should probably click on the manufacturer’s site and go to the products web-page itself for an accurate and complete ingredients list. In the case of the Cocoa Pebbles ingredients list above, Google is pulling the information from Instacarts website and not Post’s (the manufacturer of the product) and its also not giving the full ingredients list

Thanks for the input. It’s kosher for Sephardim for Pesach and it’s on our list… and we don’t rely on snippets,we go to the manufacturers websites.

I wasn’t talking specifically about this product but in general. There were many posts by @Ayelet recently that were screenshots of Google’s snippets; some didn’t look so reliable so I just wanted to make sure that you were checking the actual manufacturer’s listing.

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Thank you. :smile: