Gas BBQ on yomtov

Can I use a gas BBQ on yomtov? And if I can how would I be able to turn it off when done?

Yes. Turn it off.

Is one similarly allowed to shut off a gas burner on Chag?

You can turn off the gas burner.

The only thing to watch out for is raising the flame not for the sake of cooking. Some flames go from “off” to “high”. You can’t raise the flame on the way to the off position. If this is an issue for you, you can blow out the flame and then turn it off.

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You can kasher a grill on Yom Tov by heating it up for a while when you’re ready to make food.


Please explain the technical reason how this would be muttar and not asur to extinguish a fire?

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Thank you for your website, following up the question above

The issur of Kibui (extiguisheing a fire) is not on the fire. Its on the item burning. There is no item burning, ie wick, wood etc. This is on Yom Tov only


Thank you very much, your website teaches so much.

Continued Hatzlacha!

My stove goes from low to high and once you pass the igniter/lite symbol the flame goes from high back to low and then off. Can I turn off my flame on yom tov from low to high to low to off?
2.If yes , if I pass the igniter too slowly it might “click click “ is that still okay ?
3. Can I turn on my stove on yom tov using the igniter as if is weekday ?
4. Can I turn on my stove by avoiding the igniter and lighting it from Preexisting Fire if there is a high chance I might accidentally cause the igniter to “click “ while trying to turn the knob fast past the igniter ?
Thank you !!

  1. No. Rather, turn it to the lowest and blow it out. Then you can turn it all the way off.
  2. N/A
  3. No
  4. Yes. Don’t worry abou the click. It’s not too hard to do it quickly anyway.
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And why not on Shabbat, if blech is emptied already, thus no mechezi kemevashel.

That’s what my father said. I can think of multiple reasons, but they won’t be from the Rabbi