Gelatin Pesak

What is R’Abadi’s stance on the position that food containing gelatin may be consumed?

Geletin as an ingredient in a food product is ok.

I wanted to reply here rather than start a new thread for economy, but if it’s preferable to separate this out, im happy to.
Afetr reading everything youve written here, it seems like gelatin as an ingredient in food is acceptable, but as it’s own food item (as a health supplement, for nail health etc) could be problematic. Am i reading that right?

I also wanted to ask about collagen or hydrolyzed collagen, which is related to gelatin as i understand it. Would it follow the same guidelines?

Thank you so much.

If you decided to eat gelatin as is, without any added ingredients, it would be an issue of achshevei. But generally speaking, Gelatin is mixed with something else to create a product. Health supplements all have added ingredients and therefore would not be an issue. You are also lechatchila allowed to buy pure gelatin and mix it with another ingredient such as flavoring to make Jello or into a shake to add protein. Gelatin does not have the status of issur, it has the status of an inedible food. This distinction is important.

Collagen or hydrolyzed collagen has the same status as gelatin as it goes through the same process and therefore would follow the same guidelines.

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Porcine gelatin also?