Gelatin vs Rennet

Why isn’t rennet in cheese acceptable just like gelatin in gummies or other sweets ? Rennet probably doesn’t have flavour on its own and not edible on its own ?

The Rishonim explain that although the amount of rennet used in cheese production is typically less than one part in sixty, the rennet is not batel because it is a davar ha’maamid (an ingredient that supports a change or transformation) which is not batel even bo’elef (1000 parts). Shulchan Aruch adds that all forms of Gevinas Akum are prohibited, even if the coagulant was an herb, rather than animal rennet.

Thank you for the explanation!

Although I would think that gelatin as well is a davar hamaamid since it gellifies the liquid and should also not be batel b elef .

Rennet is not kosher so as a maamid it’s not batel. Gelatin is not an issue because it isn’t treif so even if it is a maamid it’s not an issue.

Thanks for the explanation !

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So wouldn’t an herbal or microbial coagulant be in the same boat as gelatin?

I’m not sure what you’re referring. Please explain?

You mentioned that rennet can’t be batel because it’s maamid and not kosher, whereas gelatin is maamid but is not, not kosher. So it’s batel. So what about microbial or herb? It is maamid and also not, not kosher. ( sorry for the double negatives)

I still don’t understand what you’re referring to. Are you talking about making cheese with herbs instead of rennet?

In the case of cheese it’s also a problem if made with herbs instead of rennet because Chazal made the rule on all cheeses.