General kashrut

Do you base the Kashrut/ kosher for pesach, just off ingredients? And if so does the FDA require that every product has all the ingredients listed?

We base most of what we advise on the list of ingredients listed on the packaging. The FDA requires that all ingredients be listed on the product. This is the same reason Reb Moshe said anyone can drink cow’s milk in America without a kosher certification.

Some ingredients are broad and questionable for pesach so we need to reach out to companies to determine the exact source of some of the ingredients listed to determine whether it is also Kosher for Passover.

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Is this what the OU and other Heksher companies do? If not what do they do differently to determine what’s kosher or not?

It’s a very similar process, except that they might visit the plant periodically and do a walk around. Usually once or twice a year. If there was a need to be on site, how can twice a year suffice? Following, understanding and knowing the ingredients are the key,