Giving Maaser

Hi Would you be able to clarify what are the types of charities are acceptable for fulfilling the mitzvah of maaser. Is tuition of a child or grandchild or relative in need OK? Is helping a friend or relative in need OK? Is paying for tutoring for relatives in need OK?
Also Is one required to give maseer on money earned from investments that provide some dividends (not actual work)?
Is masser ten percent or more?
Can you clarify and give some guidelines as to Rabbi Abadi’s position?

Maaser is 10% of net income.
Maaser cannot be used for education.
Maaser can and should be used for helping friends or relatives in need.
Maaser must be taken from dividends.

Hope that helps.

See אור יצחק -

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When I have an option between giving maaser money to organizations like Tomchei Shabbos or supporting a yeshiva or someone learning all day. Are there any preferences to which cause I should give to first? I have heard that there is a preference to give maaser money to support Talmud Torah. Is this correct?

Maaser can be used for all of the above but there is a preference to supporting Torah learning.

See אור יצחק -