Glass cup in microwave

If milk is heated in a glass mug using a microwave (making the cup a kli rishon), does it change the status of the cup in anyway? Can the glass cup still be used with a meat meal?

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If it’s heated to more than 125 , Sephardim can still use it for meat, but not Ashkenazim

I did not understand. On the one hand it is also the Ashkenazim strict in glass vessels only on Passover, and on the other hand also the Sephardim are not allowed to use the same vessel for meat and milk. Can you clarify, please.

I thought R’ Abadi held that glass was not boleah for both ashkenazim and sephardim

Isnt the rema only machmir on pesach and for that reason he wrote his chumrah in hilchos pesach siman 451 instead of yoreh deah siman 121

@yisroel Glass according to Sephardim is not boleah (absorbed) and according to Ashkenazim it is boleah. @Boruch123 This applies all year long. For Sephardim, even though it is not boleah, you still need to have separate designated meat and milk glassware. @Amram The exception is cups, since they are used the majority of the time in cold, they do not need to have seperate meat and milk glass cups.

is it written somewhere or did you just hear from Rav?

The Rav

if so, then it turns out that spoons, forks, knives and plates, which are also used mainly cold, can be used for meat and milk together?!

Heter only applies for cups.

In this article (Laws of Koshering (Hag’alah and Libun)) you specifcally say “Glass, plastic, glazed china, glazed dishes, Corelle, Pyrex, Corningware, or glazed earthenware do not need any Koshering, since they do not retain any flavor.” with no difference noted between ashkenazim and sephardim.

Has the Rav’s opinion on this changed?

The Rav Paskens for all that glaas doesn’t absorb

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