Gluten free utz cheese balls

Are these k for p? They are marked OU D and gluten free.

We are not familiar with the method* used to certify the cheese. Therefore all cheeses need to be Gevinat Yisrael all the time.
And so, if we can not recommend it all year round, we can not recommend it for Passover either.

*(Kosher Cheese needs to be curdled or made into cheese by a jew. That is, he needs to be the one that puts the rennet or other “davar Hamamid” into the mix. Hechsher organizations rely on certain leniencies and we have not been able to verify what those leniencies are. Therefore its impossible for the Rav to say its acceptable.)

BH we were able to ascertain the method in which the OU uses to certify its cheese. Therefore the previous posts in which we said they were problematic is no longer applicable.

As a result this product is Kosher for Passover for sephardim and those that eat corn products.

Are there any hechshers that you permit for cheese? I’m seeing some conflicting answers on here and would appreciate some clarification.

From what I previously understood, OU cheeses were fine with the exception of soft cheese like cream cheese.

As posted a few moments ago…We are now recommending ANY AND ALL OU certified cheeses as permissible.

We have not as yet been able to clarify other Supervisions.

Thank you