Godiva - Soft Serve Ice Cream - Vanilla


Soft Serve_Classic Godiva Vanilla_US (2018 SS).pdf (221.7 KB)
is this product kosher?
also, does one have to be concerned about the prior use of the store’s ice cream machine?


Is this a packaged product and bought in it’s original package? Or is this a product that a store is using and preparing in their own machines?


the latter. the store takes the mix and pours it into a soft serve machine.


What else do they serve there? What store is this? Reading ingredients works when the product is a prepackaged product from a manufacturer where the FDA laws apply. In a local cafe or similar things can get a little sticky.

The ingredients of the product you listed are all Kosher Dairy. Is this the only thing they use in this product? How do they serve it to you?

In Starbucks for example, the baked goods have problems because they use the same tongs to serve non kosher as they do with kosher and they do not clean the tongs in between.


The store i visited was a Godiva chocolate store and they serve an array of their chocolates. They also offer soft ice cream which is dispensed directly into a cup or cone.
This is a pretty typical scenario for many ice cream stores (e.x. Carvel, Haagen Daaz, Rita). Even assuming that there are non-kosher products in the store (which is not true for standalone Carvel stores) do you see any potential concern for cross contamination?


It wouldn’t be a problem because if there was by mistake cross contamination from say a hot dog or something, it would give the ice cream a bad flavor. That’s referred to Noten Taam Lifgam. And that wouldn’t pose a problem. It is unheard of to have something not kosher used in an ice cream machine, but I did see some strange things in my day. Lol
Additionally they clean the machine between flavors so that you don’t taste the flavor of a previous item.