Going to the kotel and procedure for tearing clothes

Hi can you give details on ripping shirt when coming to the kotel for first time in a long time
from the America.
Which side do you rip?
What do you say when ripping?
Any other details that we need to me? Tks so much!


One should rip every 30 days if he has not been to the kotel during that time frame. (30 days)

The tear is done on your left side - over the heart in a downward motion approximately for 4 inches.

If you would like to say - see shulchan aruch #561 - seif 2. It is listed there.

Do not wear a jacket as well otherwise, you have to tear that also. After tearing there isn’t a problem of putting on the jacket.

For a female it would be advisable to wear a shell and cut the outer garment, but not a coat.

Enjoy our Holy Land.