Green Mountain pellet grill pizza oven
This is a pizza oven that fits into a barbecue grill. As the pictures show, it fits directly over the fire producing chamber in the bottom of the grill casing. The heat rises and is trapped in the pizza oven thereby heating the pizza stone and cooking the pizza that is placed there. Not sure if the cover of the barbecue is closed or left open. Since the grill will be used for meat when the oven is not in place, is there any issue with using this accessory to cook pizza with cheese. Any difference if the pizza bakes with the cover closed? Thank you.

It’s very simple to kasher the grill between uses. You clean it as you normally do, then you turn it on and when it gets good and hot…voila your oven is kosher. And you can now grill meat on it, or vice verse.

I’m assuming that from the way it looks you don’t need to kasher it between uses, because the pizza is cooked on a stone, and then the stone is removed and the meat is cooked on the grill. So it should be fine. My point above is that every time you put on the grill it kashers itself as it gets hot, so it’s good automatically.



Shavua tov. Thank you for your reply. Just to clarify, the picture that you see is the pizza oven which fits over the fire / heat source. When you want to use the grill, the pizza accessory is removed and the grates for grilling are put in place. In other words, the pizza oven is totally removed from the grill casing, and the grates are put in its place. I believe that probably strengthens your feeling of not needing to do anything at all between uses of the different items. Thank you.

Yes. Correct. Thanks for the clarification