Grilled Artichokes Sold In Open Vats at Fairways


See attached photo of label and ingredients. Brand is Velleca Grilled Artichoke… It is
Product!) of Italy.

Ingredients: artichokes , sunflower oil , water , wine vinegar , salt . Acidity corrector: citric acid. Antioxidizer: ascorbic acid (E300), spices.


Artichokes are problematic due to bugs.


Isn’t bugs that cant be seen not a problem? Also is there an issue with the wine vinegar? Thank you


Bugs are problematic which is why you need to check fruits and vegetables. One can not say “I won’t check fruits and vegetables and since I now ‘don’t see any bugs’ it is ok to eat them”.

Artichokes can be infested with Aphids and other bugs and therefore must be checked.


Thank you.

Does this mean that the wine vinegar isn’t a problem?

Also for checking can I take one or two artichokes and look at them carefully and otherwise spot check (this is what I always to anyway) ?


wine vinegar might be a problem too…
unless you can confirm it is less than 1/6th of the liquid.
or you can confirm that it was cooked or wasn’t touched or poured by humans.


Thank you. As a general question where is it brought down that stam yayim is batul in 1/6.

Back to bugs and artichokes, are brands like Roland which claim kosher certification check for bugs?


Shulchan Aruch (Y.D. 134:5)

And in reference to kosher certified artichokes I found this:


Thank you. I think that leaves the only open question as to how to check grilled artichokes. Is it ok if I look at a few in a pack/can?