Hair Covering in the home

Is it necessary for a woman to cover her hair in her own home when:
a) she is alone
b) her husband is around
c) children and other immediate family members are around
d) non related females are around

does this differ if she is at her parents or siblings home and there are only family members around?

Thank you very much

Each scenario that you mentioned is fine.

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What about if woman is in her home and non-relatives are there?

Gotta cover


If a married woman is uncovering her hair at her home in a permitted situation mentioned above, does she have to keep the curtains/blinds closed so people looking in from the street can’t see her hair?

It would greatly depend on the exact scenario.
A window does not make someone invisible, so obviously, she is not permitted to exhibit herself to the outside world. By the same token if one needs to crane his neck to look into her windows that’s considered inside her home. (And that person may even be cited). So you have to use your better judgment.