Haircut after Pesach

A good friend of mine brought up the question whether you can take a haircut after Pesach since there was no possibility of doing it beforehand. I assume All the barbers are currently closed.

There certainly is the possibility of getting a haircut before Pesach. Barbers being closed doesn’t mean you cant get a haircut. You can give yourself a haircut. Some barbers are open to appointments only. So why should this constitute a situation where one can take a haircut after Pesach because it was “impossible to take a haircut before Pesach”?

Interesting question. Never discussed this with the Rav yet.

If I remember correctly, the Gemara points out types of individual who may cut their hair on Hol HaMoed (prisoners, seafarers and such) because they weren’t in a position to do so prior to the onset of the holiday. This may be a starting point. It seems that those mentioned in that Gemara could’ve cut their own hair too.

Another note, even if barbers are available - and respecting the plea to keep one’s distance from the others - one could argue that there is a case of Pikuah Nefesh of avoiding barbers (it’s not only the barber but also all of the appointments of that barber before yours who are potential sources of transmission of the virus).

You are correct. There are cases where one is allowed to get a haircut on the Moed. Only specific cases though. We haven’t done too much research on this topic but at a glance it would seem from the commentaries on the Shulchan Aruch that our situation would NOT allow for getting a haircut on Moed.
The questioner in the above post asked about Sefirat Ha’omer (after Pesach). That’s different. The reason for not getting a haircut on Moed is because it should have been done before the Chag. The reason for not getting a haircut during Sefirat Ha’Omer is because of Aveilut. I don’t know if there would be a heter for that. Just pointing out that it’s two different topics. Also, for those keeping 2nd half Sefira, you can certainly get a haircut after Pesach, assuming it is permitted and safe to do so.