HEB corn tostadas

Its ok

Rabbi I’m very new to Kashrut will you please explain to me why this is kosher. Is it based on ingredients Alone? Doesn’t the factory need to be kashered in order for the products to be kosher. If not then why do we need supervision?

Here in the US (and many other developed countries) there are certain standards that are required / expected, related to things like cleanliness and labeling packages etc. We can rely on reading the ingredients for many products (assuming we know what they are) because we can safely assume we won’t be tasting non-kosher ingredients in these products.

These days food products can get complex and it’s not unusual for a product to have tens of ingredients in it. Kosher supervision helps the public by taking care of the research for us. That doesn’t mean that a product that doesn’t have a kosher symbol isn’t kosher.

There are also products that are kosher only if supervised by a jew. Knowing the ingredients wouldn’t help for those. Bishul Akum and Gevinat Akum are examples.