Heinz Vinegar source

I just called Heinz and they said the vinegar in ketchup is from organic corn and organic rye - shouldn’t this be a problem. Yet it is on your approved list. Thanks

That’s strange because we have verified this numerous times over the years and it was always corn. Their official statement reads the same.

Dealing with an issur karet- perhaps call them again and not rely on the past.

Where’s the issue karet?

The point is that whoever says it comes from rye needs to prove it because their website and all our communications with the company state otherwise.

I did not say chiyuv karet- regardless numerous people called them and every time they said corn and rye. That’s their consumer dept response. If you have access to someone superior in the company please let us know.
Kol tuv

Whoever I speak to or wherever I look I only see corn, never rye. Who did you speak to at the company? It’s strange.

I have contacted Heinz for a full report on what grain is used in the distilled vinegar. Unfortunately, it will be 7 business days from now for a reply. Bli neder, will update when I have the info.

Thank you

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Hbald, I thought you may want to know that Rabbi Gavriel Cohen’s “freedom of a nation” for 2023 also lists Heinz as reliable.

Thank you and chag sameach

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Here is a screenshot of their website:

Shavua tov! Moadim l’simha!
I will call them on Monday to try and resolve the discrepancy between what is stated and their customer service replies.

Thank you!

According to the National Celiac Association “Malt vinegar, which is usually made from barley but may also be made from rye and called rye vinegar, is not gluten-free.** Malt or rye vinegar is not safe for those with celiac disease. It is not distilled and contains gluten.”

Thanks for sharing. I don’t recall seeing malt vinegar in any Heinz products but we’ll keep in mind.

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