Homemade health bread

I made a health bread that doesn’t contain regular flour. However, it is baked like bread, and looks like bread. It is more nutritious than bread. My question is: Can I make HA MOTSI on it? Or does it have to be Sheakol?

100 grams sliced almonds
95 grams quinoa flakes
45 grams rolled Oats
35 grams chia seed
85 grams flax seed
60 grams buckwheat groats
30 grams psyllium husk
145 grams sunflower seeds
60 grams millet seed
60 grams amaranth
2 teaspoons fine sea salt
40 grams maple syrup
45 grams coconut oil melted
2 3/4 cups water

Looks delicious.
Make ha’Adamah