Ice Cream in USA

Could there be any problems with eating any plain vanilla or chocolate ice cream/frozen yogurt in the US or Canada?

Thank you.

Yes there can be issues so we can’t make a blanket rule that they are all ok. They are not all ok.

What ingredients have you seen to be problematic in vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

I personally have not found any problematic ingredients but I’m not the expert.

It is difficult to make a blanket rule because people always seem to find ways to apply the rule to scenarios we never intended.

Take your question for a moment, you asked about any plain vanilla or chocolate ice cream or frozen yogurt. Were you referring to packaged ice cream from Walmart or maybe you were referring to a local mom and pop convenient store in Hicksville right off the highway…

There are so many scenarios sometimes that just making vague blanket rules just isn’t something we do.

Most of the ice creams in the store I go to have an O-U on the package. This may not be on waffles and things like that, but on the 1/2 gallons I always look for something that certifies it as kosher. There are way too many possibilities and varieties, where I am not certain that even looking at ingredients is going to be enough.

It is permissible for a person well versed with ingredients to determine if a food is kosher or not.
By the same token you are not required to have that expertise. That is why we invest so much time in helping you, so that you are able to purchase kosher food with or without a supervision.

What about an ice cream as such made in a regulated facility?

Yes. If this is in the US or Canada it would be permissible.

Thank you for the reply
Shabbat shalom !

Shabbat shalom u Mevorach