In a random Starbucks, what are you able to order?

I’ve never really ordered anything from a Starbucks before.
In a typical Starbucks would I be able to order a Venti with Vanilla, white mocha and vanilla sweet cream cold foam?
Or is that only in certain Starbucks?

Thank you

The drink you mentioned you can order at any Starbucks in America.


Hey I know you posted this a while ago, but as of when I last worked there (June 2019) , none of the sauces (white mocha,mocha, pumpkin spice, caramel brûlée, toasted white mocha) were hechshered. Ask the barista to bring out a bottle of white mocha in its packaging to check it yourself. All the syrups however were OU and I don’t believe that has changed.

Look at for more info

I looked at the whole website and could not find any information. I was at the store and asked to see the toppings and they did not have a hechscher. Can you explain a bit more on why that would be kosher? I specifically saw the caramel brûlée topping and the toasted white chocolate topping did not have it. The website makes no mention of asking the to remove the toppings however.

You can rely on checking the ingredients on products even if there isn’t a hecksher. As long as all the ingredients are kosher, its kosher.