Interest on lawsuit settlement

I unfortunately had to sue a fellow Jew a while back for money he owed. The attorney advised me to settle and collect significantly less than the amount owed to avoid dragging out the lawsuit. The defendant asked to pay in installments but only paid first installment a few years ago. The attorney is going after him to collect the rest of the money. We are entitled to collect interest on the remaining amount since he was late with his installments. My question is - does this fall into the category of collecting interest from a Jew? As mentioned - even with interest, the amount is still significantly less than what he owed originally - though I did agree to take less of an amount. I also don’t know if this even falls within the confines of a loan and whether interest is permitted to be collected on a lawsuit in general (from a Jew) for late payments.

Hi. Just following up on this

As long as you don’t get more money than your original loan amount, you’re ok.

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