Iodized Salt?

Is this true or shtuyot?

From Star-K:

“Today most table salt contains this nutrient in the form of potassium iodide. Potassium iodide, however, tends to degrade in the presence of moisture; in order to protect the iodine, a small amount of dextrose often is added to the salt to prevent oxidation. While not generally a kashrus concern, dextrose is derived from corn (and sometimes, wheat) starch, and therefore poses an issue for Passover use. It is for this reason that we purchase non-iodized salt for Passover. Ironically, it is the preservative – and not the iodine itself – that poses the problem.”

Must salt have hashgahah for pesah or be non-iodized?

Its not an issue. You can buy either one.

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As follow-up, am I allowed to ask if it was Star-K’s science or halakhah which was wrong?

Noone is wrong or right. Different Rabbanim hold differently in some cases. This website is for people who follow my father’s Halachot. Our goal to make Pesach a Holiday to look forward to.