Is a single sephardic woman supposed to light shabbat candles?


I was recently told that that I need to light shabbat candles. My family custom has always been that single sephardic girls don’t like candles till they get married. I don’t live at home anymore though (so not sure if this was the custom because in those days the girls lived at home till they got married). Also, if I’m obligated to light, is it with a bracha?


You should light with a Beracha.
But light a regular electric light. The purpose of lighting for Shabbat is to have lights on for the people to use, and for the meal, etc…
Electric lighting is the more useful and realistic lighting. Candle lighting is from a long time ago. It’s not the light that was intended.
So it’s real easy. As a Sephardic woman, just say the Beracha and flip the switch on.


Wow, very interesting. Thank you. What about when I b"eh get married? Still electric lights?

And is there something I can say in terms of a bli neder by taking this upon myself (scared I might forget, and don’t want to be bound, just in case)


technically that’s the main mitzva of lighting. Many people I know will do both. They’ll light the electric lights and also put some candles. That’s definitely a good option.

No need to take it on as a neder and therefore no need to worry. Just light whenever you remember.