Is Hard seltzer Kosher?

Is this item kosher?


Rabbi, I have heard that there is a concern that natural flavors can be from any sources - including grape juice. Since is it present to enhance the flavor - it would not be batel. What is Rabbi Abadi position on that issue? Is it that it would be a safek shi ifashar leva’aroh bekal and safek derabban lekulah?


you state “Since is it present to enhance the flavor - it would not be batel”, I would have to disagree with your premise. Our sages have ruled that if something is batel 1 in 60 it is as if its not there halachically. Additionally wine in water is permitted 1 in 6!! So surely not a concern.

(The reason wine in liquid has different rules, is because the wine is considered pagum when its diluted to that level and does not in fact contribute positively to the food.)


We see from the Chochmas Adam Siman [66:16] - that adding shemarim [wine sediment] to the beer, since they are added for flavor, its not batul. How is this different when natural flavor is added to a product? if the natural flavor is not kosher - it would still be a problem.

Hi i wasn’t able to find this Chochmas Adam. Can you double check source (looking it up on the go. You may have it right)

In any case, the post above is correct. When it comes to bitul, there’s a difference between batel beshishim and batel b’shesh. The idea of shishim is that when there’s that little, it doesn’t give taste (עבידי לטעמי can be an exception to that). With 1/6 it will definitely give taste - and it’s still batel.

In the above case (white claw) would the addition of grape juice be considered עבידי לטעמי?

No it would not