Is it ok to serve lamb soup at the seder?

Is it ok to serve lamb soup, or anything lamb related or roast at the seder?

Soup is fine.
Roast depends on the local customs

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Can you define what roasted meats might include?
Can I serve a meat that is cooked in the oven if it has a sauce on it?
Or is it better to serve something cooked on the stovetop. I am unfamiliar with the intricacies of these customs
Thank you

The custom that is discussed in SA, is that It is not permissible to serve (at the Seder) meat or even chicken that had been roasted. Roasting would mean, any type of cooking that is done outside of a pot, on a spit or grill. Even in a pot with only it’s natural juices is not allowed. Nevertheless any meat, even lamb that would have water or oil in the pot would be permissible. While I am not a chef I hope that helps.

Additionally this prohibition applies to both nights of the Seder.

Lastly the reason this is not permitted is lest a person think that it is permissible to partake of the korban Pesach at this time, out of Yerushalayim, without the Beis Hamikdash. (Which is a topic to be discussed one day)

thank you