Is Lard Kosher?

Is Lard Kosher?
Since you cant taste the pork fat in it?
I see it as the same status as gelitan.
If the Halacha for Kashrut goes by Tam.

Lard definitely has a taste or else it would not be used in foods. How potent that particular taste is does not mean it does not have a taste. Additionally, even a food that naturally has no taste still retains its non kosher status because of other Halachic concepts. Gelatin undergoes a process which renders it’s inedible and therefore loses any non kosher status.

Lard is too processed and its definitely inedible If you eat it alone. It’s just added to food for consistency.
It does not have any Pork taste at all.

What is the process that gelitan goes through to render it inedible?

Also please ask the Rav I think I’m just getting blanket statements instead of the Emet.

No disrespect to you, I appreciate the feedback. All the best!

None taken. This forum is meant to answer kashrus questions and minor discussions to help with the answer given. It is not a Beis mIdrash and we feel no need to justify our answers. Everything said on this forum is based on Rabbi Abadi’s psak.

Regarding your question, processed doesn’t mean inedible. Something can be processed and still be edible. Additionally, the use of the word “inedible” is really used here for a more nuanced halachic concept called “eino raiu leachilah” If you want more clarity Google how Gelatin is made and how Lard is made. That should answer your question. Additionally, check out the various Halachic Teshuvot that deal with the issue of Gelatin and why it’s process is what deems it inedible. Lard does not go through such a process.

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Awesome thank you so much Tzadik!!!