Is Mayim Achronim required after eating any food with Salt - Not Specifically A Seudah with Bread?

Are you required, becuase of melach Sodom or "unclean hands " to always wash Mayim Achronim.If uyou are only saying Brocha Achrona or Bore Nefoshos
Examples of situations:
a) French fries cooked in olive oil.
Would you have to wash before ( 7 Mashkos) and wash after (for the salt you put on them)!!!
b) Any dry food that has salt as an ingredient …crackers, danish, dry salami,
Or is Melach Sodom only when you take the salt shaker and add irt to the food
c) "No Salt "food but your hands may be “unclean”…e.g. fruits, vege snack ( carrot, piece of celery)


Only required after eating bread.

If your hands are dirty you should be cleaning them either way.